La Bonita Paleteria y Neveria


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La Bonita Paleteria y Neveria

I’m originally from Zacatecas, but I live here in the neighborhood and have relatives in the United States who also have a restaurant. I chose to start a shop with pastries and snacks because I have always liked them and I wanted to open up new job opportunities for people. My intention and desire is to grow my business—that is part of the Latino pride. In the future, I hope that this business will be economically strong enough to be able to expand in other areas such as Colorado Springs or Fort Collins.

When I opened the ice cream shop, my daughter was only two years old, and she grew up here in my store. That has always been very difficult for me, but now to see my dream come true, we are able to work with a lot of love. I always hope that people who come to my ice cream shop get a good impression and see all the love we put into our work, and that our customers know how much we care about our work and about them.

I want to invite people who do not know us and who have not tried ice cream, popsicles, or our ice cream made with natural fruits, to come and give us the opportunity to meet them. 


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