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Zima Fashion

I’m from Durango City, Mexico and arrived in the United States in March of 1991. I spent 11 years living in Phoenix, Arizona until I opened my business in Denver in 2002. Since then, I have been working for the future of my seven children. The oldest is twenty-seven years old and the youngest is eleven years old. I want to live into my old age with dignity. I am a woman who wants to keep getting better. Maybe I will not generate a monetary inheritance for my family, but I want to leave a good example in life so that they are not afraid to live theirs!

I decided to start this business because I didn’t want to live all my life working so hard. I wanted to work lighter for my retirement and above all I wanted my daughters to learn how to treat clients in a business. At my fifty-two years, I still have many plans in my life as I want to continue growing my business to create new jobs in my community. I am in the process of learning to support others in their future who have the same focus to get ahead as entrepreneurs in their business.

I advise single or married mothers to lose their fear and set good examples so that your children learn from you and that in the same way that we are proud of them, they also feel just as much pride in us! Lastly, never allow anyone to rob you of your dignity and integrity because we are all worth so much!


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