303 Auto Care LLC


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303 Auto Care LLC

My wife and I are from Colorado. We’ve been together for 10 years and got married four years ago. We have six kids. Stephanie is my right hand. In my business, she runs the administrative part and I focus more on the mechanic shop. Living next to the shop helps us keep an eye on our kids and they also get to spend some time in the shop. As a family, we enjoy life together! We’ve lived in the Barnum neighborhood for the last 10 years and really love it here. It’s a wonderful spot for the residents to drop off their vehicles close home. I’m a certified mechanic, working for the last 20 years in the automotive repair industry. I opened my own shop in August 2022 where I provide quality and honest repairs and maintenance.   When you stop by our shop, look for Daniel or Stephanie. Let us shake your hand, and help you with your car’s mechanics. We are open six days a week. 


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