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Alvarez's Desserts

I’m from the City of Puebla. I studied Chemistry and Pharmacological Biology and also studying for master’s degree in Medicinal Plants so I could work in alternative medicine in Mexico City. I started making nutritious treats because one of my sons has digestion challenges, but it is important to me in general that I give my children nutritious food.   My husband and I originally immigrated to the United States in 2006 and then moved to Colorado in 2018. That same year, I started my business selling healthy and nutritious desserts to my friends from my home. As the demand for my desserts increased, I decided to take my product to community events and also started distributing at Cultura Chocolate in Westwood. I now have a lot of clients in the neighborhood. In the future I would like to have a little shop of my own. My wish is to open a café and be able to employ my family and other people who need work.   I’m also a mentor to small business entrepreneurs in the Rocky Mountains and continue to take courses that allow me to share my knowledge to others. I teach nutrition classes and facilitate training for people suffering from diabetes. The Metro Caring Organization has been very supportive of this as I continue to progress my knowledge and grow my business.


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