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Anastacia's Bakery & Cake

I was born and raised in a family dedicated to the bakery trade. I am the third generation. My father and grandparents operated their businesses in León Guanajuato, Mexico. Something that I remember about my father was that he told me to learn a lot and especially learn a lot about the trade of bread because then I would always have a job. To this day this advice is what I live on. I was originally studying to be an architect but when my father died my siblings and I weren’t able to continue college any longer. We all left school and dedicated ourselves to the business my father had left us.   I came to Colorado in 2005 and started as the manager of La Azteca Ranch Market in charge of the bakery and pastry department. I stayed in this job for 8-10 years. Then I worked for about 8 months in the Mexican Bakery of Sheridan until we formally opened Anastasia’s Bakery in this location. The business is named after my oldest daughter. My wife and I have two daughters and a son, and I dedicate myself to them more than anything.   The greatest satisfaction that this job gives me is that people like the products I make. Since I opened the bakery, I’ve had some of the same employees for the past 13 years, with the  last person hired over 4 years ago. I treat them well and, I think because of that, they keep working here. This harmony and camaraderie are something that makes me happy; we have all been very happy working together the past several years.   I believe our success has come from our hard work, perseverance, and consistently serving customers quality items.


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