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All Wheel Drive Motors

I was born in Michoacán, Mexico and raised in California. My parents are farm workers and there was a program that helped migrant farm workers and their families become legal residents—so that’s how my brothers, sisters, and I got here.   We grew up in Los Angeles where I got a degree in a social work. I worked for the Department of Health for 8 years and for many reasons, decided to no longer be part of it. It was at that time that I started working at a car wash and detailing cars. Then one of my clients who owned a dealership needed a salesperson and offered me a job. I became one of their best salespersons and have been in the field ever since.   In 2000, I moved to Colorado with my wife and our five kids. Now we have 11 grandchildren. They are all so cute and even if you are tired or stressed, being around them makes you feel like new again. I love being a grandfather and spoiling my grandkids so they can go home all “sweetened” up and happy.   I feel proud of the business I have created that helps to support me and my family. Like everything else, the money you earn in this business is not guaranteed. One has to decide how much work they would like to put into it and has to continue to do quality work to feel a sense of pride. I had worked at places in the past that didn’t uphold these principles and I always told myself, if I wanted to have my name on a sale, I was going to do it honestly. I maintain this integrity to this day and feel glad when I see one of my past customers who remembers me and comes to say hello.


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