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Arturo Garcia Art Gallery

I am from Chapala Jalisco, the Magical Town of Ajijic, near the Scorpion and Mascala Islands and the City of Guadalajara, Mexico. I started painting at the age of ten in La Casa de la Cultura in my town. The painting workshop was on Saturdays at ten in the morning– which was my favorite day of the whole week. I came to Denver in 1990 and went to West High School in the graduating class of 1993. After that, I went back to Mexico until 2008 before returning to Colorado. I am a full-time artist and I have been an artist by profession for ten years. My specialty is painting subjects related to the American Southwest and Latin American cultural themes and wildlife. I opened my business in 2013, and I chose this location mainly because it is a Latinx, diverse area, and I identify with the residents of Westwood. It’s also more affordable.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jose Esparza from BuCu West helped me apply for some grants from DEDO that helped my business. My parents taught me that you shouldn’t ask and must work for a living, so time was difficult, but the financial support I received helped me a lot.  I want to share with those who do not know me that this is my studio and my gallery is open to the public on the First Friday Art Walks. Painting has opened the doors to both the inner and outer worlds and the vision and awareness of knowing myself as one with everything!


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