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Azteca Tires

I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and came to Colorado with my parents when I was a teenager and went to middle and high school in Denver. In Denver I met Maria and we got married.     Before opening this business, I worked for a private security company where I met my friend Miguel. Together we trained ourselves how to remove, repair, and put back on tires. It was a lot of fun, we did very well, and to this day we continue working together.   We opened in this location in Westwood in 2010. I like the neighborhood because we have many acquaintances here. What I like most is that Miguel and I work simultaneously. When a client requests our services we do our best to finish our work quickly as we know that their time is valuable. I think this effort is one of the reasons they look for us.   Before COVID-19 we did well, but during the pandemic sales dropped a lot. Now, we are again doing very well. One day, we would like to buy a commercial property and have a big place like Discount Tires.    Whoever wants to start a business, I recommend that you look for something that you really like because you must work hard to get ahead and be able to generate an income to maintain and progress financially.


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