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Blooming Ideas Florist

I was born in the Land of Avocados in Michoacán, Mexico. My father was a farmer and grew gladiolas, daisies, and avocados. I always liked flowers and would help my father grow them. When I was eight, my task was to count them before I went out to sell them. Eventually, I left with my mother to Guadalajara, then to Tijuana, and from there, to California where I worked in three flower shops. The owner of the last store was Vietnamese, her place was very elegant. She taught me how to design and place the flowers on a sponge base. Their arrangements were even sent to Hollywood artists.

When I arrived in Colorado, I opened my first store in Aurora–it didn’t work out for me, but I had the opportunity to open in this location in 2001. I’ve been operating here in Alameda for more than twenty years. I experienced many challenges as there were months in which I didn’t have money to pay for my phone or electricity until they were suspended. I even had to borrow money from my mom to go to California to buy flowers, but on my way back to Colorado I ran out of gas in the mountains. Luckily someone lent me $30.00 for that too. After twelve years a lot has changed. I now can pay my expenses on time, travel from time to time, and God gave me the opportunity to tear down and rebuild my mother’s house in Mexico. For me that is a lot because while I’m not rich, I’m finally doing well!

My recommendation to merchants who are just starting out is that they don’t give up, that if they fall they get up, that they don’t stay down, that they see the bright side of circumstances and that they have faith, a lot of faith in themselves!


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