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Bule Bule

My father first wanted to start a wrestling ice cream shop but then he decided that we should open a place with a vibe that related to our whole family. We chose the music that revolutionized the world: Rock & Roll of the 60s. This place is decorated and designed with what was used during those times. We are a family of musicians and essentially, my dad decided to donate and paint his instruments as decorations for the store. The walls are dedicated to those who made history in the Rock era with photographs of the idols of that time like Elvis Presley, Marylin Monroe, and Latin singers like Angelica María, Alberto Vásquez, and Enrique Guzman. In this place of Rock & Roll, we always try to have different specials related to people of the 60s and like to share that with our customers.

We prepare the ice cream right here in the store and use original Mexican flavors, which is where our family is from. We are a family business, so my aunts and other family members work here too. My aunt says she loves watching the kids wait to be served their treats and seeing their look of excitement before getting their waffle cones. I enjoy this business and I am happy to serve the families who come to the ice cream shop with their children. We get a lot of appreciation for our store, especially from the children. One of them even wrote us a letter drawing a family (we will share it in the business profile photos).

We chose this location because we live a few blocks from the ice cream shop. We belong to the Westwood neighborhood, and we grew up here. I am very proud of my family because together, we have achieved a lot in this small business. When you visit us, do not forget to ask for the special of the week!


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