Contreras Supermarket


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Contreras Supermarket

In 2000, I opened Contreras Bakery on Morrison Road. I started out by knocking on doors and offering my product to small shops and was able to get wholesale customers for my bread. I was lucky enough to find this location and, by being here, we have done well. I am very grateful for the support the neighborhood has given us. We make the effort to always be open at 6 in the morning and, thanks to that, we have a lot of clients that arrive at the bakery very early before their workday starts.   I like living and working alongside the people in this neighborhood. Customers really like the food we cook in the restaurant. We prepare food for meetings or parties and my daughter, Rocío, specializes in baking, especially cakes for parties or birthdays. We are simple people, we have a little of everything: a butcher shop, baked goods, groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, and Mexican broths and stews are served every day. We have an extensive menu of snacks too and serve tripe, carnitas, pulled pork, shredded beef, and barbecue. We are very consistent and dedicated to customer service.   Ask for Mr. Contreras or my daughter, Rocío, and if we do not know you yet, we would love to greet you! Feel free to come in any day of the week—we’ll be open!


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