El Bombon Neveria


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El Bombon Neveria

I started working in 1993 when I was just 15 years old for the first Mexican ice cream shop in Denver. Don Cruz and his wife were the owners of El Valle, a video store, a small restaurant, and an ice cream shop. At that time on Zuni, between 29th and 32nd it was a predominantly latino neighborhood. During the time I worked in the ice cream shop, I gained experience preparing appetizers, fresh fruit waters, and ice cream. In 2003 my sister Maria and I opened an ice cream shop in downtown Aurora on east Colfax Avenue, where I stayed with her until 2017. I got married in 2007, and it was then that my husband and I decided to work together and also open Neveria el Bombón in Barnum. Five years ago, I decided to concentrate fully on this store. For me, this is not just a job. I have also had the opportunity to take care of and raise my daughters here. I have three daughters; one is about to turn 15, and she will soon start working with us in the ice cream shop. It is one of the things I have enjoyed the most, my husband and I working together, and always supporting each other. This business is an essential part of our family. For me, it is an advantage to be able to run my own business, even though sometimes it is a lot! I am passionate about preparing and innovating changes in the selection, preparation, and presentation of the Mexican snacks we offer. I always try to make it such that our clients can have a wide variety of flavors and choices. During the cold season we sell champurrado too. I rarely work up front, but I have a friendly and attentive staff that works very comfortably and in harmony. I try to understand the needs of my employees so that they feel supported and are able to help me when I need that support too.  I want to share with others that if they are starting or thinking about opening a business, they need to have resilience and patience: it is like feeding a baby, it requires effort and consistency. Even though Colorado can get very cold, here the atmosphere is very warm. Hopefully you can come visit us, we are open seven days a week.


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