El Rancherito


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El Rancherito

El Rancherito was one of Barnum’s first Mexican restaurants to open in the neighborhood. My cousin started the business in 1984 but called it Torres Restaurant until he sold it to me and I changed the name.   We cook everything in a Michoacan style, which is where I’m from, and continue to use the same recipes that I learned growing up. We specialize in smothered burritos, menudo and posole, and we serve breakfast all day! We also always try to keep the menu prices as affordable as possible.   Before the restaurant, I worked as a cook at La Fonda restaurant, and my cousin and his kids worked there too. Now that we own this business, my family works here, my son, Ruben, is a cook and his wife is our server.   Serving customers and seeing them come back to eat at our restaurant is one of my favorite parts of this job. I especially love seeing family members through the years who came to our restaurant as young children and are now married adults with children of their own.


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