El Zarape


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El Zarape

Our business is generational because my mother-in-law, Doña Ignacia, had a restaurant in Mexico and my husband decided to follow in her footsteps. Our recipes are from my husband’s grandmother, and everything is homemade and natural. He and I met in Denver thirty years ago and got married here but we are both from Juarez, Mexico. The name of the restaurant comes from the Mexican poncho that our people in rural areas have used for over a hundred and fifty years. The Zarape restaurant is well-known throughout Denver for our fresh preparations of carnitas, barbacoa, pulled pork, and chorizo, often in a Juarez city style. In the winter, we also make homemade tamales that are really popular. The truth is that we love when people are enjoying their food and get to leave satisfied. We chose this location because there are a lot of Hispanic people. As business owners we have been through difficult times before and after the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to thank all our customers who have supported us in such difficult times! We almost never close because we always have clients and also never want to leave them without food. Those who do not know us are invited to come anytime. I know that if they taste our food they will come back!


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