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Emily's Boutique

We are three sisters originally from Pancho Villa, Mexico. We grew up in our parent’s tortilla shop which is still operated by a relative today. My sister Lupita and I decided to start this business in Denver 15 years ago. It was hard for us to decide between starting a tortilla shop or a quinceañera dress store, and we kept saying “tortillas or dresses…” We came to the conclusion that we would open a store to offer the opportunity for parents and their daughters to have the pleasure of selecting their dress on that special occasion. When parents introduce their daughters to society for their quinceañera, it is a day that is awaited by all their family, friends, and acquaintances. My sisters and I have beautiful memories growing up and of our quinceañera. Because of all these great memories at the tortilla shop and our quinceañera, we wanted to be able to share that with our customers. Although we only had three dresses at the beginning, we decided to open the doors to the public and now have a wider selection of dresses! We invite Colorado residents to visit us any time!


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