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Estetica del Sol

I arrived in Denver at the age of 21 with a comb, scissors, and $70 in a bag. With those items, I had come to fulfill my dream! I am a woman with clear goals, perseverance, and determination! Even now, I have a second business not only running my beauty salon but also as a tax preparer. I recommend small businesses owners who want to apply for a government grant to apply and to not be afraid, because there are services that if not taken are lost.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain! I’ll share my own experience in applying for these grants. When I have submitted applications for grants, I also had doubts, but realized there are always people who can help us. Now I am able to be one of those people and am willing to guide and support others to fulfill what is required to complete an application. If they don’t try, they’ll never know if they can get that financial support that almost every business needs. Call or visit me if you want to visit my salon or get support with preparations for grant applications!


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