Estilista Patty


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Estilista Patty

I have always been a stylist. Since I was a child, I always liked to comb my sister’s and dolls’ long hair and I loved to make them into buns. I graduated from the Institute of Beauty and for a long time I worked in Juárez, Mexico.   I came to Colorado in 2001 and worked as a stylist here in Denver until January 2016 when I decided to open this beauty salon. One day, I would like to buy my own building and to own everything I have in the store. My plan is to continue growing my business and hopefully employ two more stylists.   I’m very fortunate that with my profession I have been able to support my children. Jokingly I tell them “we live on hair.” I feel very proud of them. My children got scholarships  and my daughter studied art and my son is a construction worker. He also wants to start his own business doing what he loves.   To me this is a dream come true.


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