Estilistas Princess


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Estilistas Princess

I’m from Torreón Palacios, Mexico and I opened my beauty salon in 2001. I love my job and interacting with people. I live in the neighborhood and saw there were no Latino beauty salons in the area. So when I was presented the opportunity to rent this place I was really excited and have been fortunate enough to stay here and continue serving my clientele since I opened. The most difficult time was during the COVID-19 epidemic because I had to close for two months.

My beauty salon is well known, and I love when my clients recommend me because I know they are satisfied with my service. I specialize in hair dyes of any color and am able to do haircuts for the whole family. Although I have never created advertising of any kind, I think that my communication and respect to my customers makes them return!

I invite those who have not had the experience of changing their style to call me. I will spend the time with them to provide that personalized service to make a difference in their cosmetic appearance and personal presentation. The haircut is the frame of our face and I hope I can be the stylist that helps people find the look they are going for.


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