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Gamino Printing

My name is Ron Gamino and I am a third generation Coloradan, born and raised in Denver. My father, Boniface Salu Gamino, worked as a printer all his life. He worked for a labor organization that represents oil, chemical, and atomic workers. They were based in downtown Denver and had their own “in plant” print shop. In 1976, my father decided to venture into having his own business. My brother Anthony “Tony” Gamino and I went to trade school. My father wanted us to learn the proper ways of trade. After two years of formal education, we started to work with our dad.   My father established us as a union printing business. We are part of the Teamsters International Union and Graphic Communication Affiliation. I enjoy printing because of all the wonderful people I have met through the years, plus the achievement of bringing a concept into conception. Printing seemed to work for us as we were a family that was artistically inclined. We loved graphics and the graphic arts industry.  I was drawn more toward the business end as I enjoyed the challenge of selling our product. I also enjoyed establishing clientele.    We have extended our business into banners, t-shirts, and decals, and we also do promotional items. We do a lot of political printing because of our status. We have printed for the Governor’s Office, U.S. Senate and Congressional offices, and local city offices. We have been privileged to serve many organizations and labor unions, although we do work for any type of business. Because the company reflects our name, it has always been a top priority to do the best we can.    We are now three generations strong as my son, Timothy Gamino, has taken over the daily operations of the shop. Come visit us!


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