Green Lady Gardens


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Green Lady Gardens

Jessica grew up in Southern California and spent a lot of time in colorful San Diego, a city defined by its Latino art and design aesthetic. Later in life, she traveled and studied conservation in various countries. Jessica found that she felt more positive, playful, and inspired in cultures, communities, and cities that embraced the use of color. The bright blue doors on homes in Western Mongolia, Aboriginal dot art in Australia, and vivid textiles in Peru brought her immense joy. As she collected these organically occurring moments of positivity and connection, committing to a life of joy became a core value.


The Green Lady Gardens storefront opened on 9/15/2018. When designing the storefront, Jessica’s goal was to spark, share, and spread joy. She did this in the best way she knew how – through an immersive experience of plants and colors. In many ways, the GLG storefront has become an artistic expression of Jessica’s personality. The store draws inspiration from some of her most vivid memories from her travels and studies, including the bold Mexican pottery from her childhood and the nature and colorful artisan textiles of Latin America.


Since day one, GLG has been committed to socially responsible and culturally conscious business practices that benefit and show respect for the Latino* communities we draw inspiration from. You can read more on the website under ‘Ethics.’


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