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Ideal Furniture

I used to live in California with my parents but came to Colorado and started my business in 2004 on Federal Blvd. and then, two years later I moved to this place on Alameda. Before opening this furniture store, I already had experience selling furniture. Initially everything I sold was new, but now everything you see in my store is used, but in good condition. People in the neighborhood look for economical prices, as they say, good, pretty, and cheap. Times have changed though. The cost of living has skyrocketed with the rise of gasoline and increasing rents in Denver have taken a large share of our people’s income. I enjoy my business and I am part of this community which is why I chose this location. To people who have not visited my store, I let you know that here we differentiate ourselves because we are the only ones in the area selling a variety of mattresses of different sizes and full bedroom sets! Elva has been working in this place for over a decade and will gladly serve you!


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