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Joyería 0720

I’m from San Francisco de Borja, Chihuahua, Mexico and I came to Colorado in 1990 because I got married. I started my business two years later with the idea of looking for a better way to live. When I came here, I thought that with a business I could improve myself financially. I decided to take that initiative and what better way than with a jewelry business? Thank God I have done well and have even started selling jewelry in bulk. I think I’m an example of what it means when we say “yes I can!” My clients think and say that I am a hard worker. I’ve had employees who have worked with me and decided to start their own business as well. I’ve been able to support them and that’s filled me with pride! Also, it makes me so proud that, thanks to my work, I have been able to give my children a good education. I’ve always taught them that despite the language barriers, there are no limits. When you want to progress, having your own business helps you advance further! Perseverance is the most important thing because there are difficult times. I have learned that, despite adversity, we must continue. Since the pandemic began, I am afraid I’ve had to work as much as I can because the future is uncertain. I lost my mother, four uncles, and my mother’s brothers during the pandemic. I work to my fullest and hope to bring stability to my children’s futures—perhaps even support one of them to start their own business one day. You have to give your best, and you will reap what you sow!


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