Joyeria Gonzalez


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Joyeria Gonzalez

Susana and I were born and raised in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua and went back to Mexico to get married in 2019. My father is a jeweler and I started learning his trade with artisan gold and special designs when I was twelve years old. We are a couple dedicated to serving our in-store clientele personally and are located in the busiest area of the Valverde neighborhood. I like my craft and my passion is to do a good job so that my clients are happy with their service. We opened in 2019 just before Valentine’s Day and when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Unfortunately, we had to close for three months and consequently, we fell behind with rent payments. Fortunately though, the owner is a very kind person and allowed us to pay little by little. Due to opening a business in the middle of a pandemic though, we had no tax payment history and were denied any loans or financial support until recently. We are still open though and invite you to come and visit us! We specialize in designing gold and silver pieces at a good price, our repairs are done instantly, and our work is guaranteed. We also replace watch batteries and buy back gold and silver. In addition, we have an inventory with a variety of jewelry suited for anyone during the Christmas holidays or any other special occasion. We look forward to seeing you here!


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