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I initially started working in a company and then decided to go ahead and open my own. I really like this neighborhood and also appreciate the cultural projects done in the community.  

For people who do not know us, I would like to share that this place is inspired by our famous Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. We offer vegetarian, traditional Mexican, and Michoacan style food. One of our specialties is enchiladas. Our atmosphere is familiar, cultural, and friendly. Inside our restaurant we have a small gallery where we exhibit paintings inspired by Frida’s life. From outside you can enjoy the special touch of the hand-painted murals. There is also a kiosk with outside seating so you can enjoy your favorite dish or drinks wherever you choose.  

We are located on the corner where art is promoted on First Fridays of each month. We hope to see you here and will be pleased to serve you!


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