La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas


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La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas

My business was recently nominated as one of the top four taquerias nationally. In 2020 it was recognized as the best taqueria in Yelp, and the Denver Post newspaper has also written articles recognizing this small business. As a manager I have concentrated for the last four years on seeking items that are best sellers and finding what customers like most. Our Mexican cuisine is something I hope everyone can try and the fresh juices like our pineapple juice are unbeatable.   We met to decide on what name we would give our taqueria. We thought of several options: either la banqueta (the sidewalk) or street tacos, but we also thought about how in Mexico we usually have taco stands for people to eat on the street. Usually, those taco stands are all around town and sometimes people sell their tacos outside people’s homes, on the sidewalks, parks, or corners, and then people sit in their cars or benches that are around the stand while they wait for their food and/or to eat their food. That’s where the name comes from and why we choose to name it “La Calle Taqueria y Carnitas” or Street Taqueria and Carnitas.   In this taqueria you will find more than a dozen different preparations of meats, Ixtapalapa style, Mexico City style, cochinita pibil Yucatec style, Campeche shredded pork mixed with chicharrón, al pastor style, and every salsa is also homemade to be able to match the taco of your choice.   As a manager, I started working with the owner around 2008 at a tortillería. Back then, I oversaw a store in Aurora and then was in charge of distributing to other stores and managing more stores for the next three years, and now here I am. I hope people can come visit us.  


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