La Comarca Neveria


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La Comarca Neveria

I come from a family of entrepreneurs because in Juarez City, where my family is from, my parents have a grocery store. In May, 2001, I moved to Colorado, and started working in the cleaning industry. For me, La Comarca Neveria has been my first adventure as an entrepreneur, but I know I love to serve and welcome families to my business. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and move forward. I love the fact that I can spend more time with my daughters and with my husband Polo who has been my greatest support. The road has been challenging, when I first opened this business it was hard for me to leave those first day’s empty handed and on top of that, arriving the next day and having to throw away what I had prepared a day before was devastating. However, perseverance has kept me going and helped me move forward. To this day I have not received any government support grants, but hopefully I will soon find an opportunity to apply.   I decided to design and visualize how I wanted my business to look so it would be welcoming and attractive to customers. I prepared popsicles and snacks, and of course always make them natural. On occasion, I sell ice cream in bulk to my customers when they are having a party. For now, I’m fine with only having one store. What I like about this shopping center is that we help each other and protect each other during difficult times.   My advice to anyone who is thinking about starting their own business or project would be to never give up. It will be hard at the beginning but with dedication and passion things will move forward. This country gives us many opportunities and I thank God and my clients for the support they have given me. I feel grateful when they give me compliments about our great service, our delicious treats, snacks and when they recommend us to other people. This is what keeps me motivated to continue this journey and become a better version of myself and that is also why I don’t want to leave this neighborhood.


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