La Estacion


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La Estacion

I was born and raised in Colorado and graduated from Arrupe High School in North Denver.  I decided to dedicate myself to the sale of food and started this business in February 2023.  We sell tacos, gorditas, quesadillas and burritos and also can serve special events and parties.  My father was born and grew up in Michoacán and the food we prepare is in the style of his land. I love cooking with the spices that give touch and flavor to authentic Mexican food, and the delicious aroma from cooking that opens the appetite.   I like to work. I am 100% dedicated to my business. One day, I would like to open a restaurant, a taqueria, where I would have a place where my customers can sit down and enjoy their food. I need a little time to see what I can do to realize my dream including learning how to get government grants for small business to help or support opening a restaurant in Denver.   I advise young people who want to start their business to take the initiative as soon as possible to gain experience, and it will be easier for them to get ahead and progress financially, to have economic stability.


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