La Gota de Miel


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La Gota de Miel

I come from a family of merchants who dedicated themselves to selling handicrafts in Juarez, Mexico. To represent that part of our craft and cultural traditions now in Denver gives me a lot of pride. My wife and I arrived in Colorado in 1992, got married, and now have three children here. We started selling sweets in 2000. The first store was on Federal and, at that time, there were no candy stores nearby. As Federal Blvd began to commercially develop and during the widening of the street we moved our store to behind the Flea Market, but every time we changed, we lost customers and money. So, since 2017, we have been at this location. My wife Ana also has a tax business supporting our clients with their taxes and also training merchants on how to keep their accounts and report their income to the IRS. We are a 100% Latino business. We are happy to serve and sell a wide variety of imported crafts designed and made in Mexico. We specialize in arrangements for civic celebrations such as Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence, Halloween, Day of the Dead, La Posada, Christmas and New Years. We are also part of the development in the community, employing people who did not have jobs after the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to seeing you in our store. We have a great variety of Mexican sweets and snacks for the holidays and throughout the year. Please, stop by at any time!


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