La Michoacana


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La Michoacana

I am originally from Guanajuato and married Claudia in our homeland. This business is generational because my parents had two popsicle shops in Mexico. When they emigrated to Colorado, we followed them to the States and have since started our own popsicle shop. At first, we imported much of the product for the preparation of Icees and popsicles; even the displays are made in our homeland. We chose this location because there are a good number of Latinx residents in this neighborhood and, since we started, our business has fortunately done very well. We have grown and now have six other stores in different counties across Colorado.   It was a big challenge starting this business because we did not know the laws and rules from the Department of Public Health. For example, we didn’t know how to apply for a license to serve snacks. In the United States, that part is very different compared to Guanajuato.    One thing I like about this business is that once we finish stocking the store, I feel satisfied. We distinguish ourselves because of the recipes we have. Everything we prepare is made with natural fruits and our selection of natural products makes a difference in the taste for the wide variety of snacks we serve.   Our family spends a lot of time together because they also work with us. We are a united family working with a single purpose–to carry forward and serve our clientele with a delicious product!


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