La Perla Duranganese


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La Perla Duranganese

I have kind of a famous name, María Félix Rocha. I’m from San Diego de Alcalá, Durango where I was a nurse at the clinic with the same name. In 1989 I moved to Denver and worked at McDonald’s for 16 years and finally in September 2005 we started our business on south Federal. At this store we sell silver and Italian gold jewelry amongst other products, have repair services, have a person who specializes in piercings, finally we also offer a money transfer service to a variety of countries. We worked very hard, investing a lot of time and effort in our business. Though when my children were younger, we had to make some sacrifices as we didn’t have much time. Now that my children, Hugo and Luz, have become adults, we get to spend a lot more time with them, their spouses, and my grandchildren too! It is very rewarding to me that my children have learned to be entrepreneurs and are now practicing what they have learned.  We unfortunately have moved from the place we first started but it was a necessary change we need to make. I love our new location and our satisfied clients are always referring us to people they know. To everyone who has or is planning on starting a new business my advice would be to put your faith in God first and be constant and don’t get discouraged. Always keep moving forward and first fill your spirit with faith, and then your pocket with money. Now a statement from our Jeweler Hugo Reyes Cruz: I was a jeweler in Mexico City. I made repairs, did some welding on silver and gold, assembled stones, and also made special shapes and names. I like my work, I feel fulfilled! Come and visit us at our new place. Christmas gift season is coming soon and we have some special offers.


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