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La Pily

My wife and I have been married for 30 years. We are very happy and have always worked together. We are from Mexico City and came to Colorado in 2000. I have experience as a staff manager and Pily (Pilar) is a great cook. We started by selling food to the neighbors and that’s where the spark was ignited.   In 2018, we rented a restaurant on Mississippi and Raritan, and fortunately when we had a strong enough clientele, we moved to our current location on Morrison Road. I chose this location because we live in the neighborhood and southwest Denver has always been “my area.” What I like most about this business is that our community is very kind. During the COVID-19 pandemic we had to close and were preparing to shut down. Thankfully our customers kept returning to our business and so with a lot of effort and our clientele’s support, we can continue to be here for them.   Here our customers are treated like family, and I would like people who know us to come and try the variety of Mexican dishes we offer. One of our specialties is “El Machete.” Also, on Thursdays we have “Romantic Night” from 9pm to midnight. Our food is made in the Federal district style and we cook with the flavor and seasonings of Mexico City. Here we will bring you a little piece of the taste of my land!


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