Las Hijas De La Chilanga


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Las Hijas De La Chilanga

I’m from the capital of Mexico, that’s why the name of my restaurant is Las Hijas de la Chilanga [Daughters from Mexico City]. My restaurant is decorated with a typical Mexican touch—the colors are very cheerful and I hope that when others from Mexico come here, it reminds them of our beautiful land. And when others arrive to eat with their family or guests who don’t know Mexico, I hope that they will all then have the opportunity to appreciate our culture. I love to cook and serve people. I like seeing customers leave satisfied because they liked the food. We have invested a lot of work in our business to make sure people feel comfortable here. Our prices are economical compared to the surroundings and our food is homemade— we prepare everything here. I will say that we have no specialty, because we have a very wide variety of foods on the menu to choose from, but we are well known for grilled chicken style “La Chilanga.” Before I became an owner, I worked right here as a waitress for six years and then about three years ago we bought the business. Previously, I had another restaurant in Westminster that was called La Chilanga, but I sold it this year to devote myself entirely to this place on Morrison Road. My husband also quit his job so he could help me, and so here the two of us are. I want to share an anecdote with you all: my life has changed because I am always busy and I advise merchants who are starting out that you will have to endure a lot and have a lot of patience and perseverance because it takes time to get a business working how you like it. Also, you will have to work very hard, and sometimes with little rest. Today I was at home because it’s my day off, and they called me in in the morning because there were so many people, and so here I am, but very happy to know that many customers are looking for us!


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