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MAG Tires

My father has a tire shop in north Denver very close to Westminster where I worked with him for over 15 years. In February 2023, I opened my own business and I have clientele from all over the city, Texas, and California. I really enjoy meeting them when they stop by looking for service and I can help them.  For more than 2 years I looked for a place to lease, but they were too big for my inventory. I finally found this store on Alameda Avenue in Sun Valley which I chose because it is very close to I-25 and Santa Fe Dr. has a lot of traffic all day long, and is in a very nice neighborhood. I’m very happy working and serving this community. I would like to welcome people from other neighborhoods to come and experience a fast and well-done job. Also, very soon I will be advertising 4 tires new or used. Installation is free. What differentiates my business are satisfied clients and good customer service plus I do my best to have everything ready on time.


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