Medina Envios


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Medina Envios

My wife and I met and got married in San Francisco, California, twenty-four years ago, where two of my children were born and our two youngest are Denver natives. Five years ago we started as merchants on Morrison Road and Jose Esparza from BuCu West helped us a lot. We first started a small grocery store inside the laundromat where Maria, my wife, worked for fourteen years. Then, when they sold the building, the new owner rented us a space. From there, we were offered the opportunity to be agents representing the money transfer company which finally helped us start our worldwide remittances business.   Now our business is here on Florida Avenue and a vast majority of our clientele are customers who have followed us to this location. We enjoy the changes and improvements that have been taking place in the neighborhood. This is our community and, while our business has moved, we continue to live in Westwood.   I feel satisfied getting to work with my community. We offer a service of need because the money that is sent from the United States helps the relatives of our clients in their countries, such as Mexico, Central and South America. It is a blessing to be able to serve them!


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