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Moreno's Corn

I come from Torreon Coahuila, Mexico. In August 2020 I arrived in Denver with plans to work for only six months to save and buy a house. In the end, my wife Sandra and I decided to stay and live in the United States.   I grew up helping my mother in her food business. She sold hamburgers, tacos, and grilled chicken, and that’s how I learned to treat and serve the people of my town. I chose this type of business because I like the idea of selling roasted corn. I have always liked eating them. The idea of selling roasted corn shelled on top of the potato, came from the owner who sold me this business. She called it La Papa Loca and she parked outside El Tapatío Supermarket on Mississippi Avenue. Morenos Corn stayed in this location for a while, but then we moved outside from Tortillería Colorado also on Mississippi Avenue.   Since we came to Denver, we have lived in the Athmar neighborhood. Sandra and I have 4 children–3 girls and a boy. Our business is family-owned, and we all do our part to get ahead and our dedication has had successes, for example we are contracted to serve the snacks at government organizations such as the Denver Public Schools and the Public Library. We believe that our business is small, but it is already known, and I feel happy. That means that we are doing something good. People come from all over to try the potato with corn and that makes us happy.   I recommend to those who are just starting, not to be defeated when there are no sales, or one low day and other good ones. Satisfy the customer and always maintain the quality of what you choose to sell.   Please come visit us!


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