Morrison Nutrition Center


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Morrison Nutrition Center

I moved to Colorado in 2001 from Veracruz, Mexico and I started my business in 2017. I believe this gym has had a positive impact on the community. We have impacted people’s physical, nutritional, and mental health by giving our clients the opportunity to feel empowered, healthier, and happier. I love working in this Latinx community because Spanish is my first language.    I would like those who don’t know us to come visit us as we offer a personalized nutrition plan to improve your lifestyle as well as activities, exercises, and hikes. We also offer programs designed to help you lose weight if that’s something you are seeking and work one on one with our clients and are constantly challenging them to stay committed to and disciplined with those changes.    Our business welcomes all family members. We even have one of our clients who brings her children with her to exercise and dance. I believe music is a good mental stimulant, it helps lift the spirit up especially after this COVID-19 pandemic where we were all isolated for so long. It is comforting to meet and be around others in our community.   Nutrition is important to maintain a healthy life therefore we invite you to try our delicious shakes made with natural fruit. Exercise is essential to your health, not only does it help you get into shape but also helps you feel better. There is no need to set up an appointment prior to visiting us, just come and join in this journey to transform your health and life!  Everyone is welcome and we are open early every day.


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