Mujeres Emprendedoras Cooperative


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Mujeres Emprendedoras Cooperative

We started our business in June 2017 when displacement started becoming a bigger problem in Westwood. Seeing that many of our loved ones, neighbors and friends had moved to other neighborhoods, we got together a group of four women in order to be able to buy our own house in this neighborhood and to be able to stay near our families.   Over time we increased the number of members in our team and now it is made up of 13 women from different states of the Mexican Republic, including Chihuahua, Durango, Zacatecas, Juárez and Puebla. Most of our co-op members are active members of the community and participate in events in and around the city of Denver.   We offer three different products:
  1. Seven different types of sauces from recipes that our families have passed down from generations. The sauces are made from scratch using fresh produce and vacuum-packed.
  2. Jewelry that are creations of the members of the cooperative, we sell them on the internet and at events, farmer markets, etc.
  3. Mexican catering or food service for events, meetings, parties, birthdays offering a variety of dishes, including taco buffets, stews, moles, and traditional dishes such as pozole and menudo. All our recipes use much less oil, lard, salt, etc, while always respecting the flavor of the food that represents our proud Mexican culture.
  Our group focuses a lot on the economic improvement of each of its members and we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. We started by selling carrot, pumpkin and banana bread, and menudo, pozole and tamales. In the beginning, the first five women started with $500 and used our own utensils. We have fond memories of cooking in our homes. Later, Jose Esparza from BuCu West opened the doors of the Kitchen Network giving us access to an industrial kitchen and help in obtaining our licenses.   We also thank Jessica Olguin of Community Wealth Building who always helps us with any need we have and always puts part of our efforts into community wealth creation in order to create an economically stronger community. To Jonathon Still from Strinic pat, who helped us design the website, the Women Entrepreneurs logo and the stickers for our sauces. They captured our vision perfectly, and we thank everyone who has supported us since the beginning of our business.


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