Novedades Diana


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Novedades Diana

We thought of the ideas to start our various businesses after preparing for our own daughter’s Quinceañera. My oldest daughter designed the centerpieces for her sister’s event and people liked them so much and started asking us to do arrangements for their parties that we decided to start a decorations business. Then from there, other customers began to ask us about Quinceañera dresses. We only had a very simple catalog and only sold on a request basis until we found a supplier to help us build our inventory. After that, and since we live in the neighborhood, one of the buildings became vacant and we were able to remodel the inside to make it an event room. So little by little we grew our Quinceañera decorations, dresses and event spaces business.   Working in this field, I have the satisfaction of being able to help families with everything they need to prepare their daughter’s party. From the beginning to the end of the celebration process, we advise them. This helps people save time and money instead of going from one place to another to another. We offer everything in our shop!   I am very proud of all my family’s support–my wife, our children, their spouses and grandchildren have all helped us a lot. This business has given me and my family the opportunity to become more financially stable, meet people and make friends.


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