Piero's Bakery


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Piero's Bakery

I studied as a pastry and confectionery chef at the Miguel Roque School and also at the Nova School of Pastry in Peru more than 30 years ago. I got married in Peru in 1999 and we moved to Colorado in 2006. I started my business in this neighborhood 3 months before the COVID-19 pandemic and despite that, it is a good location.   My passion is Peruvian baking, I love what I do. My specialty is the preparation and decoration of cakes for parties, weddings, quinceaneras, birthdays or any other celebratory event. My business is well known for Peruvian empanadas, camphors and salads and all of our products are 100% homemade. We like to please the customer so that they leave satisfied and come back again!


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