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Rojas Carpet & Flooring

I am a carpet installer with more than 16 years of experience and I specialize in residential jobs. The wide selection of flooring and carpeting along with my good service and prices have made this business successful and a big achievement for myself. I have been fortunate to earn the respect and recommendation of satisfied customers and accordingly have been able to continue increasing our client portfolio.

We started our own business in 2018 on Alameda and Federal and relocated to Morrison Road in 2019. I am running my business in Westwood because I was lucky enough to find a place with a warehouse here where I could store all of our materials.

As an owner of my own business, I like getting to be my own boss and that based on what I am willing to put into my work is what I’m able to get with my income. The only one who sets limits is me.

I invite residents of this neighborhood and those near or far in other parts of Denver to take the time to come and meet us. We are small, but we have quality products, good prices, and we offer warranty on products that are as competitive as those sold in the big shops like Home Depot!


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