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Rose Lady Flower Shop

My mother started her business selling flowers at bars in 1985. From there, she went to downtown Denver and hired ladies to sell single roses on 25 different street corners. She went to gas stations, hospitals, and even larger stores like Costco and King Soopers. She was a hard-working lady. When my mother ran the store, she used to sell up to 40,000 flowers on Valentine’s Day. She had a semi-truck loaded with roses to deliver to vendors. I grew up in the flower industry and helped her business by working on one of those downtown corners selling flowers during summer break. As I remember those days, this has been part of my passion! After my mother passed, we decided to close the shop, but I decided to re-open again for Valentine’s 2022. My mother did her best to keep her flowers very affordable, so I try to do the same. The business is growing as we have many repeat customers and also many new clients as well. While the west Colfax neighborhood has changed a lot with gentrification, I like to keep my mother’s shop the way that it used to be. My mom was a very empathetic entrepreneur; when she opened the cremation services, she wanted to provide affordable services and work with social services to help with funerals and burials. Like my mom, I enjoy developing relationships with clients and creating custom-made flower arrangements for them at a price that is affordable. If you are an entrepreneur or planning to open a new business, I recommend you choose what you love to do and always carry that passion with you.


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