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Rosie LA Fashion Cali

I am originally from Los Mochis Sinaloa, Mexico and my parents came to Colorado when I was eight years old. I always helped my father take care of his tools’ and cassettes’ stand in the Flea Market giving me an interest in commerce. I graduated from Manuel High School, then I went to school to be a nurse and accountant. In the end, I did not practice either of the two careers.    I like fashion and that’s why I chose to open a boutique to advise Hispanic women how to dress. Regardless of age, there is always an appropriate outfit for each generation, figure, and personality.  I like to start a conversation with my clients and meet new people every day.   I like my store’s location at Alameda and Federal. It is the heart of Denver. Recently I returned to this neighborhood to live near my business.   I am passionate about my four children. The youngest is nine years old. I am married to my business. I also am a fan of show business. I have interviewed four musical groups, one of them the Labyrinth Group, and I intend to follow up on groups or singers who perform in Colorado. It is one of my hobbies that I share with my followers on social networks.    I believe that whoever has a store must serve the clientele with much love! My goal is to have a second store, but I will have to wait as the economy is very difficult. To those who are starting a business, it is not easy to start something new.  Have patience, the first year is an investment of time and money, and you pay in advance for success. The first year you will not have much clientele, but everyone who perseveres reaches their goals!    The people who support us thank you very much. I thank you with all my heart for allowing us to serve you!


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