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Ruben's Transmission

My husband and I met in Denver, got married, had six children (five boys and one girl), and together we formed a family business. Rubén is an expert in repairing, changing, and reconstructing transmissions, and I work mainly on the administrative side. Our business is very difficult because of the intense labor it requires but my husband has always been a hardworking, dedicated, and an honest man. We are always honest with our customers and looking for ways to help everyone who needs our services. Rubén learned this trade of repairing and rebuilding transmissions when he was 17 which is when he came to Colorado and now has more than thirty years of experience. We initially opened our business on Tennyson Street with another name but then moved to a different location on Inca Street, near Santa Fe Drive where we changed our name to “Ruben’s Transmission.”  We were offered a new business location and in July 2019 moved to our current location here along Federal. Even though we were starting from ground up we managed to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and thank God we had a lot of work during that time. In the future we would love to buy our own commercial premises so that we can save some money and grow our business more. We’ve become well known because we only specialize in repairing and rebuilding transmissions! We invite you to visit us and receive a free estimate, it doesn’t matter what model of vehicle you have.


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