Sabor Latino & Night Club


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Sabor Latino & Night Club

We are a Salvadoran family who decided to start this restaurant. We are the chefs and business operators for the first time working to recreate the flavors that we grew up with in Central America. Unfortunately, we opened during the COVID-19 pandemic which exaggerated the challenges of opening a new business. And, to add to the difficulties, I was pregnant! Despite the challenges though, we’ve loved the experience and love that customers come from all over Colorado and from different nationalities to eat here. At our restaurant, we serve traditional food which we don’t see being made at other restaurants. We cook with passion and love for the food and serve it to our customers to bring joy and share the flavors of Central America.    The traditional El Salvadorian-style pupusas are already known to Westwood residents. Our hallmark is ‘Good Food, Good Service, and Lots of Love’ which we offer in gratitude for the continued support of our customers in such difficult times. We look forward to serving you a taste of El Salvador.


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