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The name of my business is based on a Mexican expression which means “That’s good! Very good!” My wife Teresa and I are the first in the family to have a food business. We bought this restaurant in April 2022 and have since had to overcome a lot. We are natives of Guanajuato, Santiago Valley, Mexico. Like many people, the economic situation in Mexico is sad and difficult for some and that is what brought us here too. I try to make a difference in the lives of my family and others by always working hard, not giving up the first time, and always seeing life with optimism. I worked in a kitchen for 35 years—13 in Texas and 22 in Denver preparing Italian, Chinese, and American food. As a merchant and cook, my priority is to my customers. I wholeheartedly invite those who do not know my restaurant, to come and try our flavors. It is a challenge that we set to cook with the flavor of our hometown and that’s why everything is prepared with authentic homemade flavors. Tacos are what we sell the most of and we specialize in different meats and a beef barbecue. To the people in the communities of Colorado enduring these difficult times, keep on fighting and don’t give up. Life provides everything, and in your perseverance and courage, I hope you will see the right path for you.


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