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Taxes Unidos

I have been a professional tax preparer for the last 14 years. I opened Taxes Unidos Services in 2010 to provide the community with high-quality, tax preparation services at a fair and affordable price.  I worked hard with the IRS and the State of Colorado to meet all the requirements, obtain the required licenses and adhere to their regulations to offer the services of a reliable tax preparation company. My company currently offers different income tax preparation services for individuals or small businesses and bookkeeping and registration for new businesses.  We also specialize in helping people obtain their ITIN number as I’m a certified agent authorized and recommended by the IRS. You can find our name as your local agent listed by the IRS website ( to complete this service.  Like any tax preparation business, there is a season in which there is more income flow, generally from January to April. However when the COVID-19 pandemic began at the end of March 2020 in the middle of the Tax Season, we had to close for more than three months which affected our business significantly. I applied for financial assistance through three different  grants for minority businesses but did not qualify. I hope that one of these days I can be awarded with additional support. As a business owner, what I enjoy the most is helping my community in the process of this annual tax obligation. I can inform them about everything related to our obligations but also our rights as a Latino community.  My goal is to continue growing as one of the most reliable local tax preparation businesses while generating more job opportunities for people who need it.  Tania Bernabe


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