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Tiendita SG

I was born in Matamoros Tamaulipas, near the Rio Grande, which borders Brownsville, Texas. I immigrated to the United States when I was 15 years old and went to school in Denver. My husband Julio and I have lived in Westwood for many years. We have six children, 4 boys and two girls.   Before opening my business in 2017, I worked several years at McDonald’s, then I sold  tamales and also collected and recycled aluminum and metals to help my husband with family expenses as I feel it’s important to participate and help support our family monetarily.   My store’s specialty is gold laminated jewelry for the whole family, bedspreads, patterned bedspreads, curtains for the home, and other variety of items. I chose this location because I live three minutes away and my husband has his blacksmith shop behind my shop so we can help each other with our businesses.   I feel good working for myself and, little by little, growing my business. When we opened the store, I was very self-conscious, but my husband helped me overcome this feeling. Having the motivation to know that I have a place of my own to work encourages me to move forward and is also a form of relaxation. I like to help customers, arrange and organize the shelves of merchandise, and decorate the showcases. I love what I do!   The store is located at the beginning of Morrison Road, on the right side. At the beginning of the day I always look forward to receiving my clients and meeting new ones too. They recommend me a lot and that motivates me to get ahead!


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