Tina's Salon


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Tina's Salon

I studied styling and cosmetology in Chihuahua, Mexico and had a beauty salon in my house before I moved to Denver in 1998. I worked for other beauty salons here in Denver then finally decided to open my own salon again in January 2009.   I’m really grateful for the training the community provided us to apply for grants because like everyone, I struggled a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic and previously hadn’t been successful with my grant applications. The support has helped me to maintain my business and also benefit from the other improvements being done to the neighborhood.   For me, it’s important to have faith and hope to keep moving forward. Having your own business is very hard, but having these is what’s kept me going!   What I have enjoyed the most about my job, is that I am my own boss and get to set my own schedules. It also makes me feel really happy that when I’m walking on the streets and run into my clients that they greet me. It makes me feel like I’m famous, but let’s just say I identify as the neighborhood stylist!


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