Tortilleria Colorado


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Tortilleria Colorado

My name is Maribel Hernández de Trevizo, and my husband David and I opened our tortilla factory in 2003. David had always dreamed of opening his own business and was inspired by his mother who used to sell tortillas at home in Mexico. At first, we struggled to get customers, but I convinced them to try our tortillas, which were based on my mother’s recipe. I was giving them samples to take home and luckily my strategy was successful. From there, we were able to grow our own business thanks to the people who recommended us by word of mouth and eventually we were able to expand into small grocery stores and butcher shops. David and I were finally able to buy our own store with the income we earned. However, in 2014 David was diagnosed with cancer so we had to stop production in our factory. In 2018, David passed away and although it was a very difficult time for me and my family, I had to work hard to keep our store open. One of David’s dreams was to see our store pass on to our children, but I was about to close it when I contacted Mi Casa Resource Center through WDSBC’s outreach efforts. Mi Casa helped me apply for a $10,000 grant to support my business which thankfully was awarded to me. My plan then was to use the money to buy a new machine so that we could increase our production and distribute to more stores while advertising our business more. My business is well known, but I do still find it difficult at times to manage it by myself. My husband always said that his dream was to have this generational business for our family and the next generations to come– so, that is my goal!


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