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Truong An Gifts

Truong An Gifts is locally owned, right in the heart of Denver’s Little Saigon District. We are the first Asian gift shop in Colorado. My family wanted to share culture from all of far east Asia with the community. From this gift shop, we felt we could offer a taste of Asia without having to travel there. This is the basic concept of how Truong An Gifts sprouted from a simple dream into the first Asian department store in Colorado. The gift shop carries a full line of quality Asian goods and has become a well known neighborhood gift shop.   My mother, Fawn Luong, started the gift shop in the 1980’s importing goods from many suppliers from China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and many other countries.  Now 40+ years later, she has expanded to a 5000+ sq ft retail/wholesale space. Our store offers a wide variety of choices for customers, from furniture, feng shui gifts, beauty and skincare products, teas, herbs, clothes, plants, and much more!   I love sharing culture and gift items from our country. Our shop has been voted best Asian Gift Shop for many years. This is the gift shop that you must visit when you are in Denver. There is something for everyone. I also love hosting community events annually hosting Lunar New Years and Mid-Autumn festivals.    We hope that people will continue to support local businesses, shop in person, and always think of small businesses before jumping online. Your support to shop local is what has kept us in business for over 40 years, and we hope for many more.


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